Thursday, April 17, 2008

Debate comments with coworkers

Me: Did you see the debate last night?

Coworker: Yeah - man, they were really dumping crap on Obama, weren't they?

Me: I kind of thought so, but hey - I'm biased.

Coworker: Nah - you're not that biased. They pretty clearly didn't like him or something. But I liked how he turned it around with that "Well, your husband pardoned him, so you have a closer relationship with him than I do" comment.

Me: What killed me is how he kept offering her an olive branch - trying to say that her comments on Bosnia don't matter, that her cookie comments in the 90's are being used as "elitism" just like his "bitter" comments are now.

Coworker: I noticed that. I thought it was nice of him.

Me: Then Senator Clinton tried to jab it up his ass and twist it sideways with the "Oh, you don't pick your uncle, but you do pick your pastors.", and "I think we need *more* vetting of Obama - especially over the next 5 days before the PA election!". Nice of her.

Coworker: And - that's a mental image I won't get rid of all day.

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