Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Bullshit debate

Tonight on ABC - there wasn't a debate.

It was a roast. It was two moderators asking about pastors, flag pins (and why aren't you wearing one?), Weather Underground members (did you know a person convicted of bombings 40 years ago supports you?) - 60 straight minutes of attacks on two candidates.

ABC spewed more conservative talking points and horse shit than I've ever seen a so-called news program do. I felt more like I was watching a Jerry Springer rerun - I kept waiting for them to hand chairs to the candidates and ask them to "go at it".

And when they finally got to the real questions about policy, they had to rush through them because they had wasted so much time on the pointless crap of the first hour.

This will likely go down as one of the worst debates ever, and a reason why the Women League of Voters should get control of the debates back (like they had back in 1992, and committed the unpardonable sin of allowing a third party candidate onto the stage with the Democrat and Republican nominee).

If journalists want to act like biased hacks, it would have been better to have had no debate at all, instead of this complete and utter horse shit.

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