Saturday, April 05, 2008

Am I a good Mormon?

I had a funny, but odd experience today.

My daughter was having a birthday party, and one of her guests was
late. They finally arrived, the father of my daughter's friend
offering his apologies.

"I saw your house when I first drove by. I figured it had to be yours
- it had a typical Mormon required mini-van. "

"Yup - that's about right," I chuckled. That wasn't far off - nearly
every Mormon family I know has either a SUV or mini-van. I only have
three children, but a mini-van is still the way to go.

"Yeah, but then I saw your Obama poster in the windoe and figured that
it couldn't be the right place - no good Mormon would have that up. I
had to call someone else in church to make sure I had the right place."

"Well, you know, I can see where you'd be confused whow I could be a
good Mormon with me being an obvious communist who supports an
undercover Muslim bent on being a Manchurian candidate bent on
destroying the US with upon taking office. " I smiled sweetly as I
said this.

We talked politics - he's certain that Bush us a great guy since he
said he was going to Iraq and he did, and that we need to take on Iran
since they want the nuke so bad.

I'm still hung up on the "good Mormon" part. I know that usually
Mormons are conservatives - but I don't see why supporting the poor,
wanting the sick to be tended to, wanting to have a strong defense but
not at the sacrifice of our civil rights, or wanting to have good
environmental practices makes me not a good Mormon?

Or am I just reading to much into it? I usually feel like the lone
Democrat at church functions, but I've grown used to it by now.

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Anonymous said...

These days, most of the self-proclaimed* "good Christians" out there almost certainly aren't, so it's probably for the best.

*There's a specific group, the ones who will NEVER let you forget that they're better Christians than you, and happily ignore huge chunks of the Bible while using the parts they like to justify acting like jerks.