Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lou Dobbs is hurting my brain

I happened to notice this poll up right now on the Lou Dobbs web site:

Which of these best describes your attitude as an American citizen?
Partisan & pitiful
Bitter & angry
Independent & proud

I should mention that so far, "Bitter & Angry" is winning by a landslide. OK - seriously - the choices of:

Partisan and Pitiful
Bitter and Angry
Independent and Proud

Seriously? While we're at it, why didn't he put down:

Whiny and Sniveling
Surrender Monkey Loving
Looking for Daddy Figure to Tuck Me In at night

Of course, I'm still trying to figure out just what's wrong with "Partisan" - the partisans were Jewish resistance fighters during WWII, hiding in the woods and killing Nazi's as they came by. They formed squads that resisted the enemy for as long as they could.

So sorry, but I'm partisan about some really horrible people who got control of our country, after lying and passing themselves off as aw shucks moderates who believed that global warming was a big deal, that they didn't have an opinion on evolution, and they were a uniter not a divider - then as soon as they took office they turned around, peed on the Constitution with a hang loose sign while pointing at a torture victims genitals, and said "Psyche!" Then, as a crowning achievement of non-elitist thinking, decided to put in the dumbest people they could with no experience at all in their jobs (like Michael Brown for FEMA, Alphonso Jackson of Housing and Urban Development , Harriett Miers, and who could forget Alberto Gonzales, who now can't find a job because he was so bad at his last one).

I've decided that I'm an angry, bitter, elitist partisan who wants only smart, wise, intelligent people in government who will do what they say - not spend decades doing one thing, then turn around at election time and try to tell me they are *totally* different. Like on NAFTA. Like voting on a bankruptcy bill that hurts the middle class while profiting big business. Or dodging sniper fire. Or being *against* the Bush tax cuts during war until they were *for* it. Like being against torture before they were for it. Or being for the troops until they decided they didn't want to give them a better GI college bill because then the troops might decide they didn't want to reenlist.

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