Friday, April 18, 2008

Distractions about - distractions

Last night I stayed up late and caught "The Colbert Report". Obama was on, and he and Colbert put "Political Distractions" on the "On Notice" board. Since the debate on Wednesday, we've heard a lot of talk about how awful the debate was, how stupid the questions were, how horrible the moderators were.

This morning on Morning Joe, the topics of discussion:

"Obama literally brushes off his shoulder after the debate - does that make him look elitist?"
"Bill Clinton says that Obama should stop whining about the debate, since Hilary Clinton never whined about how she was treated by the press (only she did)"
"How the debate was actually a good one for the candidates"
"Funny speeches on the Congressional floor"
"Why don't we ever talk about the issues?"

And - we have our problem solved. Why don't "the issues" get covered? Because, well, issues are hard. We could talk about the huge losses being posted *today* on Wall Street. Or how Republicans may be pulling back on needing immunity for telecoms in the FISA bill. Or the recently released choreographed torture information from the White House. Or anything fucking else other than whether or not distractions in a political debate are a big deal.

Nope - time to circle the wagons - or, in my case, turn off the TV.

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