Wednesday, April 16, 2008

$0.02 on Expelled

There are plenty of people out there observing that the Intelligent Design supporting "documentary" "Expelled" is full of crap.

I won't do that. But I will talk about the commercial.

In the commercial, we see a wizened old scientist up in the front of a classroom, talking about evolution. When Bill Stein, in high water pants (I'm guessing he's suppose to be dressed like he's at a private school?) asks "Hey, Mr. Scientist - what caused the origin of life?"

Stein is then "sent to the Principal's office" for having made a movie. Hahaha.

One issue:

The Theory of Evolution, based and refined off of Darwin's theories of natural selection, does not explain the origin of life. Never has. Has no intention to do so. The Theory of Evolution based on Natural Selection seeks to describe how species have evolved over time. That's it. It takes as a premise that evolution exists (something we all know happens, or else we wouldn't have to get flu vaccines every year), and states *why* evolution happens and what the mechanism is for the creation and adaptation of new species into their environment. Hence why Darwin's book was "On the Origin of Species", not "On the Origin of Life".

The actual *origin* of life? No idea. There are guesses and hypothesis that they're working out in labs and chalkboards, but no science claims to have a good working theory on that one yet. They *do*, however, have a very useful and tested and working theory on how species evolve over time.

So sorry, Stein, but when you get a 30 second commercial wrong on the basic science - you fail.

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Poet/Ninja said...

It's been popular to poke ignorant comments at Darwin since about ten minutes after he wrote it. He said a few times during his lifetime that he was always amazed at the way people took it as a potshot against God.