Monday, August 25, 2008

Why does Fox News hate Freedom

First, the video:

Second. Why does Fox News hate freedom?

I'm not asking that question to be snarky or petty. But listen to this "reporter". He stands in the middle of a crowd saying "These people say they believe in the freedom of speech - but they refused to speak for me," he stands in the middle of a crowd and says "I guess they don't believe in freedom of speech", "Do you not believe in freedom?"

Here's a group of citizens exercising their freedom of speech, which includes the right not to speak to whomever they want. Freedom of the press doesn't mean that people are forced to answer your questions - sorry, bud.

Fox News has put themselves into this position. They have clearly been a mouthpiece for one political party, fanning their face with a handkerchief and acting "Shocked - shocked!" when people call them out for their pandering attitude towards the Republican party.

Like now. So sorry, but you don't get to stand in a crowded room and shout "Fire", and you don't get to ask questions - then complain about "free speech" when people exercise that right not to talk to you.

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