Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cursing the dark rather than lighting a candle

So let me get this straight. House Republicans block voting on every issue for the last week. Alternative energy vote? Blocked. Increase gas mileage? Blocked. Continue alternative energy tax break? Blocked.

But offshore drilling? OMG call the presses - we *need* to have this vote on offshore drilling! *This* is important - even though its going to take 7 years to implement! Even though oil companies have millions of acres of leases - onshore and off - they aren't using now!

Sorry, kids. You don't get to block voting on every other issue, then turn around and squeal because your pet goal is left in the dust. Let the oil companies enjoy their massive, record profits - I guess we'll drive less, tune our engines, inflate our tires, and work to get other sources of energy.

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