Friday, August 08, 2008

Why can't McCain have an honest ad?

McCain is out with a new advertisement, making the same claims: Obama is totally going to raise your taxes. That's all he wants to do. Doesn't matter how much you make, Obama is going to raise your taxes.

It's a claim that's been proven false, and Time has a huge rundown on how false this is. Here's my own take on this back and forth:

Obama: I want to let the Bush Tax cuts lapse -

McCain; So that means that you want to raise taxes on *all* Americans.

Obama: And as I was saying, I want to replace them with a tax cut that favors those making $250,000 or less.

McCain: He admitted that he wants to raise taxes on everyone!

Obama: No, just those making $250,000 or greater.

McCain: If you get rid of the Bush Tax Cuts, you'll be taking more taxes from people who make $41,000!

Obama: And then I'm replacing it with *a tax cut for those same groups*. So only those who make more - *more* than $250,000 pay more taxes. Everybody else should pay less.

McCain: I can't hear you! Tax raiser! Lalalalalalalalala!

It seems that the McCain campaign, in their quest to win, doesn't want to really discuss the issues. They want to discuss what *they* say Obama says, rather than what *Obama* says. So they make up lies - yes, lies, pass them off as Obama quotes or policy, such as "His energy policy is tire inflation", or "Obama won't visit the troops", or "Obama wants to raise everyone's taxes", and no matter what Obama shows, demonstrates, or even proves his positions are - doesn't matter, McCain said what they are and that's it.

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