Thursday, August 07, 2008

What is up with police lately?

It seems that cops - the Serve and Protect guys - are on a bad roll. There's the one who bull charged a guy on a bike - then wrote up a false police report saying the biker was swerving to hit *him*. Turns out the videotape doesn't lie.

There's been videos of beatings and other stuff. But this one is just - stupid.

Police raid a mayor's house, handcuff everyone, start interrogating them, shoot and kill the dogs. Why? Well, there was a shipment of drugs in the mail. That the family hadn't even opened up yet to figure out what was inside.

So if someone *mails* me a package of drugs, police can start busting in and shooting? Man, if I was a drug dealer, I'd start mailing drugs to the chief of police, the fire chief, local journalists - hey, how about the mayor? Wouldn't it be funny if the mayor got roughed up by the police and his dogs killed because the cops thought he had been mailed some weed?

Oh - yeah. Already happened. Right.

Source: The house is home to Berwyn Heights mayor Cheye Calvo and his wife Trinity Tomsic, and their two black Labs (pictured left). Though the package containing more than 30 lbs. of marijuana was addressed to Tomsic, the couple may have had nothing to do with the drugs. In recent months there have been incidents in which large quantities of drugs were shipped to homes in the D.C. area, where they were then supposed to be intercepted by drug dealers — all without the package addressees’ knowledge or involvement. Calvo and Tomsic may have been caught up in just such a scheme.Cato-at-Liberty

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