Sunday, July 27, 2008

You stupid media reporter bitch

This morning, I didn't feel well, so I decided not to go to church. I turn on MSNBC, and they have people talking about the recent Obama trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, and McCain's whining about it.

Then, I see this:

Stupid blond bitch: You know, now that Senator McCain has said that he supports the US leaving in 16 months as long as ground conditions agree, and Obama saying he supports the US troops leaving as long as ground conditions are good, it's like they're adopting the other's positions.

No, you stupid dye job blond bitch. And yes, she's a bitch. If it had been a guy talking, I'd call him a shithead. Let's go over the last 6 months in politics, hm?

Month 1:
Obama: The war in Iraq was a stupid, stupid mistake. It serves us no purpose. Instead, let's actually go fight the terrorists who reside in Afghanistan, and if necessary Pakistan.
McCain: We need to stay in Iraq for up to 100 years! We must win! If we leave without winning, then people will see we're not winners!

Month 2:
Obama: We will be careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in. But mark my words: We're leaving Iraq. Oh, and if we had intelligence on where bin Laden is, and Pakistan didn't want to act on it, you bet we'd drop a bomb on him whether Pakistan liked it or not.
McCain: Obama is so naive! Threatening to bomb our allies!
(One week later.)
Bush administration: We bombed a location in Pakistan because we couldn't trust the Pakistan military, since every time we tell them where bin Laden's forces are, those same forces move as if someone told them.

Month 3:
Obama: I spoke out against the war in Iraq from the beginning. I voted to support the troops, but I don't want to give a blank check to Bush. And if I'm elected President, we're going to leave Iraq.
McCain: No way! We're totally staying in Iraq forever! Besides, what if the Iraqi's start making nice with the *real* enemy, Iran!
Iraq: Hey, we love Iran! Big kisses, iraqi leader!

Month 4:
Obama: Yes, as I've said before, I'd meet with leaders of any nation without conditions. That doesn't mean we agree to do anything, doesn't mean we'll accept their position. But we shouldn't be afraid to negotiate.
McCain: How stupid! Can you imagine what would happen if we negotiated with our enemies before they did what we wanted? It would be foolhardy!
North Korea: Hey, we're giving up the nukes. We had great negotiations with the US, and they gave us enough carrots and sticks to make it worthwhile.

Month 5:
Obama: Yes, I would listen to the generals on the ground and refine the plans for withdrawal as needed.
McCain: Flip flopper! Flip flopper! I said I'd always stay until we won! Obama said he'd leave no matter what, but now he's saying he might actually use logic and reason to make it successful! Flip floopppppeeeeerrrr!

Month 6:
Obama: Hey, I'm back in Iraq!
President of Iraq: Hi, Obama. Guess what - I love your plan to get all of the US troops out in 16 months. It's awesome!
McCain: He didn't really say that!
President of Iraq: Yeah I did.
McCain: Well, he's just being a politician. He's overestimated his forces before. He doesn't know what he really wants.
President of Iraq: We want you guys out.
McCain: Well, we'll get out - once we win! So it could be in 16 months, maybe later.

And this stupid, ignorant, blond moron can't tell the difference between them? This is the same shit that happened in 2000:

Media: Duhh, we can't tell the difference between Al Gore and George Bush. They're pretty much the same, right?
Public: Well, OK.
Vote comes down to 300 people in Florida.

What bullshit is this. I don't know if the corporate media needs a horse race in politics for ratings, or if they're really composed of moronic shouting shitheads and stupid bitches too busy with their heads up their asses to come out and smell reality.

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