Friday, July 18, 2008

Can I ask a serious question about the news?

I just flipped on MSNBC. They could be talking about the volatile oil market. How McCain changed his position on Afghanistan three times in one day - first we didn't need more troops in Afghanistan, then we need more Nato troops, then we need more of *both* troops - all this after Obama rolled out the same plan he rolled out in three months (take troops from Iraq, which is *not* where Osama bin Laden and the folks that actually killed Americans on 9-11 are, and put them in Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden and the folks that killed Americans on 9-11 actually live).

What are they talking about this morning? The White House T-ball game, and how Obama goes to the gym 3 times in one day and "evidently, he never sweats. He must be doing evil at the gym instead of working out - his basketball teammates say he didn't sweat back in college! What's wrong with the man?"

The other day, when I turned on the TV, I saw Joe Scarborough say if his "Morning Joe" show acted like other cable news shows, he'd resign.

Please. Do so. And tell them to put on some fucking reporters on the show. I want to watch the news, I want to have real discussions about issues. Not some floofed up dandy haired assholes jibber jabbering while the country falls apart.

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