Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why does Morning Joe actually air?

I'm about to get dressed and leave for work, but I flipped to Morning Joe for a bit. 30 minutes ago, Scarborough was pounding on "The surge worked! The surge worked! Why can't Obama admit it!"

Now, Senator Obama's position is "extra troops helped, but between the Sunni Awakening (which started a year before the surge), the US paying off militia groups *not* to shoot at US troops, al Sadr's group having a cease fire with US troops (which has proven rather useful, sine al Sadr was able to get rid of terrorist groups in his territory)."

I turned back to Scarborough, and I hear this:

"Whether the Sunni Awakening started before or after the Surge, it's clear that the extra troops helped it happen, so therefore, it was a success."

No, Mr. Scarborough. I don't know why you have a 2 hour show where you get to pound people with your conservative viewpoint. Oh, I know - you profess that you don't have a dog in this race. And Bill O'Reilly claims to be a registered independent.

Then he asks one of the reporters touring with Senator Obama "Hey, what does the press core think of Obama's refusal to admit that the surge has worked?"

What does the press core think? I think the press core's job is to just report on what people say and do, not be commentators. Try it sometime, Mr. Scarborough. Might be useful.

You pounded the hell out of Reverend Wright for weeks, and now you're taking the McCain line and running with it. I flip to CNN - and they're reporting on the subprime lending crisis. You know - news.

Might want to try it some time.

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