Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Presidential Hopefuls who have lost my vote

From the Republican side:

Ron Paul: For wanting to dismantle pretty much every government agency (Education Department, EPA, etc) since "the market will take care of it", even though every historical indicator indicates that no, it won't. (I guess that's why I support Kucinich more than Paul - each share equal constitutional appeal, but have opposed economic ideals).

Mitt Romney: For being Janus on every issue before he became a Republican. And for wanting to continue the torture at Guantanamo.

Huckabee: For wanting to dismantle the Department of Education (really - what is it with a department that ensures that educational standards are met and financed across the country so you don't have "rich" states outstrip the "poor" states in spending, therefore creating a power shift to richer states? Don't they get this would make "blue" states the more dominant after 20 years?)

McCain: For walking around, with 200 armed soldiers, with a helmet on - and telling people things in Iraq are getting better.

Guiliani: For being like Romney on torture and Iran and everything else - only worse.

From the Democratic side:

Hilary Clinton: For attacking Obama for what he said as a kindergarten student. Yes, I'm serious. Oh, and for what he said in the 3rd fracking grade as well.

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