Friday, March 12, 2010

Health Care Socialism: Bad! Buying Drugs Cheapened by Socialism: Good!

Please. Someone explain this to me. Evidently, it's a bad thing to put in the price controls on drugs that other countries like Britian and Canada have - a combination of government negotiation (which was actually not allowed during the Bush Medicare drug plan - that's right, the government can't negotiate for cheaper drugs in the United States. Hooray for "free market" forces!)

However, people want to import the drugs from Canada - after that country has used their "OMG SOCIALISM" government to make the drugs cheaper.

So remember - putting in price controls and regulations to control runaway costs? Bad.

Buying from other countries who put in the price controls and regulations to get around the fact that your government is too scared of the pharmaceuticals to, you know, negotiate for cheaper prices for its citizens - good!

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