Friday, February 13, 2009

A plane crashes. Move on already.

This is going to be possibly a heartless and cruel sounding post, and I'm sorry.

This morning, a plane crashed in Buffalo, killing 49. I feel very, very bad for the passengers, their families, their loved ones. It's too bad.

But I don't need 24x7 coverage of the crash. Do you have any new information? No? Then *cover something else for a bit*.

I'm much more worried about what's in the 400 page stimulus bill and whether it'll really help. I'm worried about the the "zombie banks" which have no way of returning to liquidity, but will continue to take tax dollars. Are we going to have a decade long recession like Japan from 1990-1999 which kept pumping money into their banks, or a short recession like Sweden who's recession went from 1992-1994 because they went out and killed the "bad banks" and sold off their assets - something the US did in 1987-1989 with the Savings and Loans scandal.

I'm more concerned with the layoffs, with the *thousands* suffering. I know - we need our distractions. How about every 30 minutes on the news channels, we dedicate it to updates about the crash - and then every other minute we look at the stuff that's going to effect *millions* of people? Just to balance it out a bit, please?

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