Monday, February 09, 2009

Fearing by their relatives

I ran across this article about Wafah Dufour making her musical debut in the United Kingdom.

Who the heck is Ms. Dufour? Well, as the article mentioned, she is the niece of Osama bin Laden.

The rest of the article feels - kind of weird to me. It seems to indicate that 1. That Ms. Dufour has more links to her uncle than she has claimed (though the article provides no evidence to this), and 2. that somehow, Ms. Dufour is linked to terrorism, and that her coming out party is a terrible thing that indicates that the terrorists are winning.

The end of the article I thought was most surprising:
It takes major big ones to have an affiliation to such a notorious man, and publicly perform in a country directly affected by his terrorist actions. Let’s hope she keeps it on that side of the pond.



According to my mother, her side of the family is full of criminals and malcontents. And from one family reunion I went to, I wasn't exactly discouraged from that idea. My father has told me stories of criminal family members in my own family tree, including my Great Uncle Jesse James.

I wonder what it must be like to be, say, the niece of Charles Manson. You know - the guy who carved a swastika into his forehead and lead his followers into mass murder. Do you go about your entire life denying you ever met your uncle? What if you were the son of Lee Harvey Oswald? Do you spend your life because of your "affiliation" to a notorous man?

At what point do you cease to be judged based on your blood and family, and on your own deeds? I don't know Ms. Dufour from a hole in the ground (other than she looks a lot cuter). Heck, the fact she's showing her hair seems to indicate she's a different kind of person than her infamous uncle. All I know about her is what's on her wikipedia link, and that she doesn't even speak Arabic.

But why fear a person, or ridicule an entire nation because the relative of a horrible person does - anything? If Ms. Dufour had been a terrorist, I'd call for her to be arrested, charged, and either jailed and executed for her crimes.

So far, though, her only crime seems to be trying to launch a music career. Ooo - break out the fainting couch.

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