Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now we know why Palin opposed the rape kits

The question has been - why did Palin want to fire Police Chief Monegan. According to the Palin campaign, it wasn't because he wouldn't fire Trooper Wooten - but because of this:

The McCain campaign says it can prove Monegan was fired in July because of insubordination on budget issues
The "last straw," the campaign said, was a trip Monegan planned to Washington in July to seek federal money for investigating and prosecuting sexual assault cases.

In a July 7 e-mail, John Katz, the governor's special counsel, noted two problems with the trip: the governor hadn't agreed the money should be sought, and the request "is out of sequence with our other appropriations requests and could put a strain on the evolving relationship between the Governor and Sen. Stevens."

Wait - they fired Monegan because he requested an earmark for rape kits in Alaska? But why would they be so upset about it?

Evidently - because your standard rape kit contains not just swabs, and an STD detection kit but also - emergency contraception.

Remember, Palin opposes "abortion" (which, in the case of emergency contraception, prevents the egg from even being fertilized) - even in the case of rape and incest. Which is why she was willing to oppose the state paying rape kits - all because they contained emergency contraception.

I seriously can't think of anything worse. Here's someone who's been victimized, and you don't want to pay for the rape kit because her egg might not be fertilized. What is wrong with these people?

The details are at Daily Kos.

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Poet/Ninja said...

Is it a bad sign that this kind of thing has stopped even surprising me?