Monday, September 29, 2008

Barack Obama scares me

I had a conversation with a friend - he's conservative, but we're good.

He made a comment the other day that "I'm scared of what will happen if Barack Obama becomes president."

At first I replied glibly, saying "Oh, I know - he's a Manchurian Muslim who's going to nuke the country, right?"

"No, I'm serious," my friend said. "I mean, he's so liberal!"

This is when I got serious. "You know, I'm afraid of him becoming President as well."

My friend gave me "the look" - he knew something was coming. "Oh? Why?"

"I'm afraid that he'll ignore reports that terrorists will attack the country, and then we'll lose thousands of people to an attack while he's sitting around, unsure what to do while he reads a book with children. Then, he'll decide to launch an attack on a country who had nothing to do with the original terrorist attack on trumped on charges. Then ignore the country where the terrorists actually live and let the terrorists escape to another state.

"After that, I'm afraid that there will be a huge natural disaster, like a hurricane, and Obama will neglect to do anything about it until days later. All the while, he'll out undercover CIA agents, say he'll fire those responsible, then pardon those responsible. I'm afraid he'll put people in a gulag, torture them, then deny it. I'm afraid that if Obama is elected president, he'll hire one sycophant after another more interested in their colleagues pocket book than protecting the nation from tainted food.

"And while Obama is president, I'm terrified that he'll allow the markets to run amok, ignore evidence of a growing financial crisis, tell us everything is fine, then when the economy explodes ask for almost a trillion dollars with no oversight at all, with the line of 'trust me - I know how to fix it.'"

My friend told me I wasn't being fair. I told him neither had Bush to the rest of the country - and that if was "afraid" of a "liberal Obama president", he should wonder just what he could do worse than Bush had already done.


Comrade said...

Did you at least get your friend some burn cream after torching him that hard?

John Hummel said...

No, but later on we discussed McCain's leadership during the crisis. I'll probably post that one later.

Pam said...

Hm, sometimes I wonder if what conservatives are really (subconsciously) afraid of is not Obama taking office and screwing things up with liberal policies, but of him taking office and succeeding with liberal policies.

It really is scary to have one's entire worldview threatened like that.

Poet/Ninja said...

I award you 5000 points.