Thursday, June 05, 2008

And this is the change we've been waiting for

DRIVING THE DAY: On Day 2 as nominee, Senator Obama wants to show that he will change the nation’s politics. As the presumptive DemoObama already eager to show that he will change the nation’s politics, and Clinton plans departure from '08 race.cratic presidential nominee, he WILL ANNOUNCE TODAY that the Democratic National Committee will no longer accept contributions from federal lobbyists or PACs -- consistent with the policy of his campaign. His declaration makes it clear that he will try to make the influence of Washington insiders one of his key arguments against Senator McCain. Source: Playbook

If you wanted to understand the change in Senator Obama's candidacy, this is it right here. Away with the special interests, the PACs (Political Action Committees that can represent everything from single mothers to oil rights) that can drive the Democratic party. No more money from telephone companies seeking immunity for breaking the law, or giving out grants to oil companies who just jack up the prices.

From now on, the DNC is going to be funded by the people. This is going to make it hard for the DNC at first. They're going to need help. They're going to need the same $25 donations by millions that brought Senator Obama the money he needed to run against the biggest Democratic establishment machine ever.

The question is - will people response?

I will. I get paid tomorrow, and $25 is going right to the DNC coffers. Anyone else who wants to join me, and make their political party answerable to *us* - not special interests or just those with the money, but *us*, I'd encourage you to do the same.

This is the change we've been waiting for - and it's gutsy, its risky, and it relies on people really wanting control of their political process again. The question is - do you want it too?

DNC web page

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