Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr. Vice President - Bush didn't care about the troops

I was watching Colbert with Biden on, when Biden turns to the camera and said "President Bush, I disagreed with you on policy, but you always showed commitment to the troops and for their welfare."

I like Biden. I think he lets his heart and mouth run ahead of his head. But right then, I was ashamed to hear those words come from his lips.

Bush didn't give a shit about the troops. If he had, he'd have never have allowed Cheney and company to manufacture every single lie about "why we have to go into Iraq." "Al queda's there!" "No, they're not." "They have WMDs!" "No, they don't." "Uranium!" "No, they don't!" "There will be mushroom clouds if we don't!"

Liars. Bush didn't care when it was reported that there wasn't enough body armor, that there weren't enough troops. No problem - we'll just call up the national guard. Sure, they'd be more useful at home helping with, I don't know, giant fucking hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Bush didn't give a flying fuck about the troops when they were pulled back into active duty over and over again without rest. When they were being pushed back into active service after their terms should have ended by using legalese.

Bush didn't care about the troops when the VA needed more funding to pay for all of the brain damaged US soldiers who had done their duty and then came home without the help they needed. I'm glad that Obama is spending some more money there and working to streamline the process from active military into VA care - but it's still not enough.

The only thing Bush cared about is that he got to swagger about, pretend he was a big a man as his father. Fuck him. Bush Sr wasn't a saint, but he actually put his balls on the line for the country when he served, while W's contribution to the national guard was figuring out how drunk he could get without anybody caring.

So with all due respect Mr. Vice-President, you're wrong. You're so terribly horribly awfully wrong. Oh, I get the political game, how you and Obama have to show that you're "better" than the former administration that lied, cheated, and spent our national treasure of good men and women in Iraq and spent $3 trillion (and counting!) of taxpayer money to enrich their friends.

But right then, I wanted to tell Mr. Vice-President Biden that he could go fuck himself if he really though Bush cared about anything but himself.

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