Sunday, July 11, 2010

Real Conversation with My Love Wife: Perfect Plans

Me: I thought I had it all planned out.

My Lovely Wife (MLW): What do you mean?

Me: I moved the Wii upstairs. The Playstation 3 is broken. The Xbox 360 is in the living room so we can stream Netflix. So there shouldn't be any reason for the children to want to go into my office and play on anything.

MLW: And?

Me: Wizard 101! They want to play the one non-Mac compatible game in the house. And it's not enough they have to use their computer upstairs - they want to play at the same time, so they have to use the computer in *my* office!

MLW: Sounds like a flaw in your plan.

Me: It was a perfect plan! Perfect!

MLW: ...

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