Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living With My Name

My entire life, I've lived with the knowledge that my name is a euphemism for men who request the services of hookers.

But then I started thinking about the other people in the world that got bad names. Can you imagine how poor Adolf Hitler Jr felt all of his life? Or, even the *entire* Hitler family after World War II?

I bet after Judas Maccabeus resisted the Roman Empire, there were tons of kids with the name "Judas" around during the 1st century BCE. By 100 CE, any kid with that name had to live in fear that they were going to get rocks thrown at them.

Then I think about the worst named family ever.

"Hi, we're the Hitlers - here's our son Judas, our son Richard - just call him Dick - and our daughter Jezebel. We're so excited about our little Jezebel - she's so popular with the boys at school!

"Especially the ones name John."

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