Thursday, July 02, 2009

Religion of hate makes me fly off the handle

First, we have the video of a church group singing their song, a twist on "We are the World" only with people singins about how God Hates the World.




I'm serious. Where do you begin here? I'm really hoping Poe's Law applies, or else I'm going to be sleeping with the lights on and a shotgun by the bed in case one of these lunatics moves into my town and comes for me.

Oh, wait, it's Fred Phelp's congregation, a very *special* breed of asshole.

This is the ultimate example of a dangerous group of people. They take the song "We Are the World" - a song that was written to praise and raise money to help the poor, the sick, and the needy - the *exact fucking values that these douche nozzles profess to believe in by their god* - and they twist it into a song about hatred. They spit on the entire world by basically saying "You know what? We know this song is about helping people and loving each other - but fuck that! God's going to murder all you bitches, and when he does, we're going to have the biggest orgasm ever watching all of you BUUUUURRRRRRRNNNNN!"


Yeah, I went a little overboard here. But think about it. Of all the songs they could have picked, they pick the one song that people have used as a rallying cry to help others in need. You know, the stuff that Jesus talked about.

I sincerely hope that the estate of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie sue the pants off of these people for copyright violation, the RIAA for once go after a group of people who deserve it, and finally put these people in the poorhouse and turn them into a footnote of history like they belong.

This is one of those times I wish there *was* a hell, just so I could wish to damn these people to it.


Poet/Ninja said...

Unfortunately, these people essentially GET OFF on being sued. It's their -schtick-. The head of that clan is a lawyer, and they have a number of little baby assistant lawyers. There's been a number of cases where it looks, from the outside, like these people intentionally provoked assaults and then sued.

John Hummel said...

Possible, but this one is a case of copyright violation, not usual assault. Odds are they could claim it was a "parody" - but for me, it's enough that anyone who supports these people financially or any other means deserves shame dumped upon their heads.