Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RNC discussions on race: Not. Getting. The. Point.

"Look, the GOP needs to be inclusive and more sensitive," a high-ranking Republican explained to the Huffington Post. "On the other hand if we are going to fall apart in pieces every time someone yells racism than we are going to lose the next four years.... Because that means that the left is allowed to talk about race but we are not. There has got to be a way to talk about the president's agenda without falling into this trap." - Source: Huffington Post

OK. Look. Talking about race, and religion, is an important thing. I've been annoyed at how people portray and misunderstand issues about my former religion. We can have honest discussions about racial and ethnic issues. This is not a conservative or liberal issue.

But I'm sorry - but complaining that "the left is allowed to talk about race and we're not" doesn't work when one of the potential heads of your organization releases a CD with the song "Barack the Magic Negro" - and then complain about "Hey, why are you saying we're racists?"

It's like talking about sex with your kids. The teenager can't complain that you don't let them talk about sex when all they talk about it "I wanna bang me some big ass ho's!" When they can talk about things like an adult, then they can talk about them. Otherwise, don't go complaining then you're idea of discussing an issue is approaching it like a 12 year old.

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